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We work for project identification, feasibility study, project execution &  SEZ at 4 pillar:

i. Main frame from China

ii. High tech from EU, USA

iii. Maximum local fabrication

iv. TEC role to harmonize

Our Focus

1. Futuristic projects:  local raw material, 30 - 50 years world demand, Maize, Sugarcane, Molasses, Vinasse based 45 Bio and value-added projects 

2.  Competitiveness by 21st century SEZ:  by 4 pronged approach


1. Maize-based 20 & Sugarcane-based 25 Bio projects 

2. ECO industrial park or SEZ (UNIDO Vietnam, China, India models) verticals, horizontal integration

3. Hybrid production line most economically by: 

i. Nut, bolt level analysis for combination of  3 local fabrication (China & EU, USA).

ii. Consortium of R&D institute, equipment manufacturer in China instead of trade houses for economy, efficiency & reliability. 


1. Soda ash:  Olympia Chemicals - 1996 - (A to Z) + Engro Group - Feasibility study - 2019

2. Ethanol: Premier Industrial Chemicals - 2004 (A-Z) Maize based Ethanol study - 2021

3. Setting up SEZ, ( 4 pillar approach) 

4. ADB: Citrus processing up-gradation. 

5. Govt. FTA & Economic strategy with China

Win-win CPEC Industrial Cooperation 

Friends of China  


Engr. Siddiq-ur-Rehman had a unique role in promoting the Pak–China Economic cooperation, private sector mega industrial projects, Soda Ash, Ethanol, H2O2, etc. Govt. policy input (FTA, Economic Strategy with China), have worked with Chinese collaboration public sector projects; HMC Taxila, Aeronautical Complex, Kamra


Lead role of Professionals and Academia in industrialization 

TEC has also developed a Road Map “Lead role by academia, R&D institutes to meet the economic challenges” and are actively working on it.


We are confident that by joining hands with Academia and R&D Institutes, we can effectively make Pakistan a Biotechnology and Knowledge Hub.


1. In 1990 after getting released from Pakistan Air Force, established an NGO “Association for the promotion of Science & Technology” with Academia.

The executive committee consisted of the renowned professors in the town, Prof Dr. Khalid Aftab, Prof Dr. Pervaiz Vandal, Prof Zafar Rashid, Dr. Mateen.

Knowledge Products

Knowledge Value Chain at 4 Pillar


1. Making Pakistan biotechnology & Knowledge hub by setting up Maize, sugarcane-based 45 bio projects SEZ, with KVC. Bimal Rehman is doing it.

2. 4.0, AI, IoT to existing and upcoming industry. Taniya Rehman is doing it.

3. Materializing academia-industry linkage by creating an eco system

4.IT/ICT products, services

5.Incubation & entrepreneurship Centre 

6. Achieving economic & technological sovereignty.

concept paper - knowledge value china - TEC
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Technology Exchange and Coordination (Pvt) Ltd. - TEC was established in 1992 by Engr. Siddiq-ur-Rehman Rana (China) Flt.Lt (Retd) to facilitate the investors in Setting up new industry and Business with China. Have set up 23 projects in particular Rs. Billion plus investment Soda ash, Ethanol, H2O2 projects & considered the highest performance industrial consultancy in the
country. Have introduced four-pillar approaches: Mainframe from China, High tech from G20, local fabrication, and Professionals role from feasibility till production.


TEC - Engineering Consultants specialize in​ Setting up new mega industrial projects, industrial zones, or SEZ from - Feasibility study till commercial production TEC also Specialize in Business with China – Trading; Directly from manufacturers in China, hybrid equipment by blending from G20, Transfer & adaptation of technology and upgrading existing industry, SMEs & Setting up new

We offer the following services: -
i. Project Identification – local raw materials: 30 - 50 years world demand
ii. Feasibility Study based on data from R&D institutes, Machinery manufacturers, and EPC contractors.
iii. Preparing the equipment and know-how package for setting up a new industry.


We manage the latest technology most economically by:
a. Production line section-wise analysis at the nut, bolt level for deciding local fabrication or importing from China, G20 countries
b. Keeping the central control of the project with investors.
c. Forming and managing the consortium of R&D institute, equipment manufacturer, a construction company in China for the project.


iv. Providing supervision/coordination during Implementation. Training, Market Research, and Studies. Exploring JV partner in China

Our focus:
i. Maize based 20 Bio projects industrial park, SEZ by attracting investment
ii. Sugarcane based 25 projects industrial park or SEZ
iii. Setting up “Industry Resource Centre” BKIT (Bank/Finance, Knowledge, ICT/IT, training) under one roof at plot 6 & 7 Sundar industrial estate.
iv. ICT/IT tower at Defense Road Lahore for “Knowledge value chain”

Tailored Industrial Engineering Solutions for Your Business from Project Identification to Successful Plant Operation - TEC


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