We work for project identification, feasibility study, project execution &  SEZ at the 4 pillar model. Mainly:

1. Futuristic projects:  local raw material, 30 - 50 years world demand, Maize, Sugarcane, Molasses, Vinasse based 45 Bio and value-added projects 

2.  Competitive by 21st century SEZ:  by 4 pronged approach


1. Our focus is Maize-based 20 & Sugarcane-based 25 Bio projects 

2. Genuine SEZ or industrial park new technologies, investment, exports

3. "Industry Resource Centre" BKIT  

4. Knowledge shop with local: Academia, R&D institutes, BDSP and knowledge corridor with G20 countries academia, R&D & local, expatriate professionals (BDSP)


1. Soda ash:  Olympia Chemicals - 1996 - (A to Z) + Engro Group - Feasibility study - 2019

2. Ethanol: Premier Industrial Chemicals - 2004 (A-Z) Maize based Ethanol study - 2021

3. Setting up SEZ, ( 4 pillar approach) 

4. ADB: Citrus processing upgradation. 

5. Govt. FTA & Economic strategy with China

Win win CPEC Industrial Cooperation 

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TEC was established in 1992 by Engr. Siddiq-ur-Rehman Rana (China) Flt.Lt (Retd) to facilitate the investors in Setting up a new industry and business with China. Have set up Rs. Billion plus investment 3 chemical plants, total 23 projects & considered the highest performance industrial consultancy in the country. Have introduced four-pillar approaches in setting up the new industry: Mainframe from China, High tech from G20, local fabrication, and Professionals role from feasibility till production 


TEC - Engineering Consultants specialize in​ Setting up new mega industrial projects, industrial zones, or SEZ from - Feasibility study till commercial production 


TEC also Specialize in Business with China Trading: Directly from manufacturers in China, hybrid equipment by blending from G20, Transfer & adaptation of technology and upgrading existing industry, SMEs & Setting up new 


We offer the following services: - 

  • Project Identification – local raw materials; 30 -50 years world demand 

  • Technical, Financial Feasibility Study based on data from R&D institutes, Machinery manufacturers, and EPC contractors.  

  • Preparing the equipment and know-how package for setting up a new industry. We manage the latest technology most economically by: 

  • Production line section-wise analysis at the nut, bolt level for deciding local fabrication or importing from China, G20 countries 

  • Keeping the central control of the project with investors.  

  • Forming and managing the consortium of R&D institutes, equipment manufacturers, construction companies in China for the project.   

  • Providing supervision/coordination during Implementation. Training, Market Research, and Studies. Exploring JV partner in China 

Our focus:  

  • Maize based 20 Bio projects industrial park, SEZ by attracting investment 

  • Sugarcane based 25 projects industrial park or SEZ  

  • Setting up “Industry Resource Centre” BKIT (Bank/Finance, Knowledge, ICT/IT, training) under one roof at Sundar & ICT/IT tower at defense road.   

Engr. Siddiq-ur-Rehman Rana (China)  

Flt.Lt. (Retd) 

CEO: Technology Exchange & coordination (Pvt.) Ltd. (The highest performance industrial consultancy in the country) 

Plot 6 & 7, Sundar Industrial Estate, ICT/IT tower at Defense road Lahore 

Ph: 42- 36652997, 36650063



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21st Century SEZ at 4 pillar model

EIP, Knowledge & product value chains, LMM to grow in the competitive world

1. Enterprise/Developer: SEZ to reduce the CAPEX and OPEX and becoming
most competitive by 4 pillar model; mainly:

i. EIP (Eco-Industrial park -UNIDO-Vietnam) Reduction in energy, water, and raw material by integrated   manufacturing complex. RECP model.
Getting the latest technology economically by developing knowledge value chain; IR 4.0, AI, IoT,   RDI, Academia, BDSP
Product value chain: raw materials procurement till product sale
Integrating with LMM & BDSP the driving force behind industrialization

2. Genuine SEZ with core project & outsourcing downstream industry:

i. Reducing CAPEX by selling plot or plugin facilities
Cheaper Utilities: Captive Power, as per production steam
Economical Common facilities: Transportation + Warehouse + maintenance + Internet   communication + Monitoring + Waste water treatment & recycling
Non processing zone: (Commercial, residential) Departmental store + Hotels + Market + Banks, ATM   + Patrol pump source of income
v. Reducing OPEX by RECP and product value chain
vi. Human resource from own training Centre

3. Attracting investment: Roadshow in China, Brussels

4. We can add the following for vendors in SEZ:

i. One window service – Industry Resource Centre; BKIT (Bank, Knowledge, ICT/IT, Training) under one   roof
ii. National & global value chain integration
iii. Construction etc. facilitation


Director of ICT/IT            


Whatsapp/ Wechat: 0092-300-8461297

Ph: 0092-423-6652997, 6650063 

Postal Address:  63-A Nisar Road, Lahore Cantt, Pakistan       

Site office:  Plot # 6 & 7 Sundar Industrial Estate, Lahore