University – Industry Linkages
Roundtable on IT and Computer Science

Being the Industry Representative the gap analysis, way forward & implementation mechanism is mentioned below:


  •  Aligning with Pakistan’s IT industrial application market demand horizon analysis for coming 30 to 50 years for the appropriate positioning of the students & faculty. Like upcoming biotechnology industry requirements. Bio – IoT, AI, bioinformatics etc.

  • Aligning with Pakistan's existing industries in particular SME’s IT requirements for making education market demand oriented and developing the Industry connectivity mechanism.

  • Entrepreneurship mindset development content/courses and entrepreneurship nurturing mechanism in collaboration with
    Industry Resource centers/ SME Development Centre.

  • Recently IT entrepreneurs and/or investors from USA visited Pakistan and identified gaps in the skills set of the graduates vis-e-vie IT
    industry requirements.

TEC Suggestions:

  • Making IT education relevant to upcoming industry. For example, IT requirements related for the futuristic 45 bio projects based on 3 major crops in the country.

  • Academia – Industry – Govt. helix for industry facilitation through “SME development center” & “Industry Resource Centre” BKIT.

  • Introducing books likes Think & Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, Rich Dad, Poor dad etc. courses and the entrepreneurship case studies for the entrepreneurship mindset development.

  • IT centers in self sustainable public – private partnership for graduate’s capacity building and entrepreneurship facilitation

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