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1. Targets:
i. Gearing up economic activities by developing value chain from seeds to 45 Maize, sugarcane-based bioproducts industrial park or SEZ.
ii. Setting up Biotechnology industrial parks or SEZ in the private sector with KVC (knowledge value chain); 4.0. AI, IoT (Digitalizing); RDI (applied Research), Academia (Basic research), and BDSP for materializing it.
iii. Setting up “Academia-Industry–Govt. helix”, for “SME Development Centre”,
iv. Knowledge shop along with local academia, RDI, knowledge corridor with G20 countries academia, RDI and BDSP forum with local and overseas professionals
v. Setting up “Industry Resource Centre” BKIT; (Bank/Finance, Knowledge, ICT/IT, Training) under one roof for facilitating agro raw materials value addition.
vi. Youth–SME–G20 triangle for 5 level links (Export, joint venture, Technology, Training, competitiveness) for economic activism.

2. Implementation:
i. Seminar by inviting top 300 industrialists, Biotechnology Institutes, BKIT organization, BDSP, and relevant Govt. departments for setting up Maize, sugarcane-based 45 Bio projects industrial park.
ii. International Webinar G20 top 50 cities, investors, Academia, R&D Institutes, BKIT organizations, and ex-pats for setting up Knowledge corridor, IRC-BKIT, and ICT/IT tower for KVC.
iii. CPEC Industrial cooperation webinar with 5 trillion-dollar club provinces and 50 top industrial cities, Academia, R&D Institutes, BKIT related organizations in China.
iv. Setting up self-sustainable Biotechnology “Knowledge shop and Knowledge corridor with G20 countries for capacity building

3. End Result: (Making Pakistan bioproducts and Knowledge Shop)
i. Academia, R&D Institutes, BDSP capacity building by integration with industry, BKIT institutions & G20 countries relevant organizations
ii. Materializing long talked about, Academia-Industry-Govt. helix for effective facilitation and setting up 21st-century Biotechnology SEZ and ease of doing business.
iii. Creating assignments for faculty, internship, job for students, and income for org.


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