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Fast paced, wide spread Biotechnology Industry Development

by setting up Biotechnology Centre of Excellence for need-based Research

Biotechnology SEZ/STZ for 45 Maize, Sugarcane based Bio products in Private Sector.


TEC invites Top Universities, R&D institutes, and Professionals to join hands 



Introduction: Biotechnology industry could lead agro value addition as per horizon analysis of cropping pattern & products demand. Lead role by academia & professional is proposed to avoid dependence on imported equipment, experts like textile.

Way forward for Academia, RDI, professionals to be head not tail of industrialization

TEC has developed maize, sugarcane based 45 bio projects keeping in view 30 to 50 years world demand and local market along with Chinese, EU R&D institutes. Offers to set up Biotechnology Centre of excellence for need based research, commercialization & harmonizing local potential by the following:

  1. Bio industry Resource Centre- BKIT (Bank/Finance, Biotechnology/ Engineering, ICT/IT, Training) by integrating all the departments.

  2. Developing Bio Knowledge Value Chain (KVC) at 4 pillar AI, IoT, for (Digitalization), applied research (RDI), basic research (Academia), implementing along with BDSP, engineering sector and launching 4.0

  3. Biotechnology “Knowledge shop” of academia, R&D institutes, BDSP & knowledge corridor with China, G20 countries for capacity building

  4. Webinar for top 500 industrialists for awareness & displaying research

  5. Setting up incubation Centre and pilot projects.

Initiating need based research from Potassium Fulvic acid from Vinasse, amino acids for animal feed, lactic acid for pharma, poly lactic acid for degradable plastic.

Our strengths: 30 years track record of setting up new industry & upgrading existing. The 5 knowledge products registered with IPO; BKIT, KVC etc. Public-private partnership with Federal/Punjab Govt. Physical infrastructure at Sundar industrial Estate (back office) and at ICT/IT Plaza at Defence Road (Front office)

End results:

  1. Fast pace industrialization, job creation, internship, economic activism

  2. Setting up biotechnology SEZ/STZ like Sialkot airport in private sector

  3. Developing Academia–Industry–Govt. helix & knowledge corridor – G20

  4. Goal-oriented high-level research & training of researchers

  5. Promoting cooperation between teaching, research, BDSP & Eng.

  6. Meeting Existing industry needs of biotechnology for environment

  7. Offering industry upgradation, product diversification & industry 4.0

  8. Growing from detailed engineering to basic design to concept design. Organizing 60 to 80% local fabrication for wide spread industrialization.

Biotechnology Centre of Excellence


Incubation Centre  


  1. Goal-oriented high-level research & training of research workers

  2. Promoting cooperation between teaching and research establishment

  3. Arranging conference, seminars, refresher courses & creating jobs

  4. Conducting research as is assigned to it by the Government.


  • Meeting Existing industry needs of upgradation and biotechnology: 

  • Need assessment of the existing industry; Bio agriculture, industry, environment, Pharma, Food etc.

  • Market driven projects like Potassium Fulvic acid from Vinasse

  • Offering industry upgradation, product diversification & industry 4.0

Futuristic bio projects from identification till boiler firing:

  • Developing projects base on top 5 local raw materials & top 10 imports. In particular 45 bio projects based on Maize & sugarcane  

  • Presenting to the top 500 industrialist, G20 investors and expat

  • Setting bio products SEZ like Sialkot airport in collective for expats, etc.

Developing “Knowledge Value Chain” at 4 pillars for eco system:

  • Industry 4.0 (AI, IoT, ICT/IT) for digitalization

  • Applied research by R&D institutes

  • Basic research by academia

  • Implementation along with BDSP (Business development service providers) and engineering sector4

Setting up “Industry Resource Centre” (BKIT) by pooling the resources:

  • Banking/Finances – Business school

  • Knowledge – Engineering departments

  • ICT/IT – computer science

  • Training – relevant departments

  • Setting up “Knowledge shop” with top universities, R&D institutes and “Knowledge Corridor” with China, G20 countries.


Our strengths: 

  • 30 years track record of setting up new industry & upgrading existing.

  • 5 knowledge products registered with IPO -  BKIT, KVC etc.

  • Public-private partnership arrangements with Federal/Punjab Govt.

  • Physical infrastructure at Sundar industrial Estate, Lahore (Back Office)

  • ICT/IT Plaza at Defence Road, Lahore (Front Office)




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