In Pakistan, Industry is transforming to Maize and sugarcane-based bio projects industrial park or SEZ. Maize is replacing cotton and sugarcane. Keeping in view local agro produces and 30 to 50 years of world demand, there are 25 bioproducts, which is the future industry in the country. It's going to replace the textile and sugar sectors Details at our website:

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Updated: Sep 2, 2021

TEC offers Academia, R&D Institutes, ICT/IT Co, BDSP (Business Development service providers) to join hands for:

i. Developing “Academia–Industry–Govt. helix”,

ii. Setting up “SME Development Centre” BKIT; (Bank/Finance, Knowledge, ICT/IT, Training) under one roof,

iii. Knowledge shop & knowledge corridor with G20 countries.

iv. Knowledge value chain (KVC) - 4.0. AI, IoT (Digitalizing); RDI (applied Research), Academia (Basic research) with upcoming industrial parks in private sector

v. 21st century SEZ at 4 pillars

vi. BDSP (Business development service providers) forum. Taking expatriates in the loop.

Cell/WhatsApp/WeChat: 0300-8461297

Details at: TEC Engineering Consultant | Feasibility | Maize Bioproducts | Industrial Park (

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