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Road map for need based research


Its commercialization for meeting Economic Challenges 

   Biotechnology as case study


Business starts from buyer: (Japanese saying)

  1. Developing data base of the existing biotechnology industry at sub sector level; Bio chemicals, Bio Pharma, Bio feed, Bio Food etc.

  2. Studying World best practices for the top 3 prospective sub sectors

  3. Offering industry upgradation, product diversification & industry 4.0


Note: The efforts will help students for internship, jobs


Academia would be head not the tail of industrialization: (Chinese model)

  1. Developing data base of the top 5 raw materials for bio products and top 10 imports of Bio products in the country.

  2. Presenting futuristic bio projects to the market from project identification till boiler firing and commercial production


Implementing with lead role by faculty & professionals at 4 pillars:

  1. Getting & developing process, equipment manufacturing knowhow

  2. Blending high tech from developed countries

  3. Arranging maximum local fabrication and HR development

  4. Role of professionals; harmonizing civil works, equipment, financial flows, marketing etc.  


Note: Since last 70 years industrialization is dependent on imported equipment and traders. We can benefit Chinese SPARK, etc. experiences


Developing “Knowledge value chain” at 4 pillars for connecting the  research by creating knowledge eco system

  1. Industry 4.0 (AI, IoT, ICT/IT) for digitalization

  2. Applied research by R&D institutes

  3. Basic research by academia

  4. Implementation along with BDSP (Business development service providers) and engineering sector


Setting up “industry Resource Centre” (BKIT) by pooling the university, R&D institutes resources; the fundamentals of industry:

  1. Banking/Finances – Business school

  2. Knowledge – Biotechnology, Engineering departments

  3. ICT/IT – computer science

  4. Training – relevant departments


Slogan proposed is “The way forward for country is industrialization & youth is entrepreneurship” Potential sectors - Biotechnology, Chemical, Food processing.

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