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Distillery Vinasse based Organic Fertilizer
(Potassium Fulvic Acid)  
Project Outline - 100,000 Ltr/Day

  1. Plant Capacity:             88 T/Day Biological organic fertilizer (Powder)

  2. Project Cost:                 US $ 4.2 Million 

  3. Building Requirement: 3000 Sq.meter

  4. Manpower: 25 persons


Note: In China input costs $ 87 and the sale price is $ 170 per ton


Product specifications:  

(Potassium fulvic acid) - It's a yellow superfine powder, water-soluble fulvic acid > 47%, potassium oxide 11%, nitrogen 3.57%, phosphorus 0.3%, crude protein content 22%, amino acid 8.51%, and a large number of B vitamins, vitamin C, inositol, polysaccharide


Usage: It is directly used to feed fruit trees, vegetables, crops, etc., and can also be prepared with other nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers.


Sugarcane Bioproduct SEZ to reduce the CAPEX, OPEX - Outline:

Projects: Edible Dry yeast + Amino acid + sodium gluconate + Citric acid


SEZ outline:

Land: 60 -100 Acre --> own project: 30 -50 Acres + Utilities

Residential: 10 acres

Renting out and Selling out for related industry: 40 acres (Reducing CAPEX and OPEX) 


Prospects: Molasses based bioproducts at increase and expansion + Pakistan have cheaper raw material and manpower + Huge export potential


Financing and Attracting Investment: Hybrid equipment, (local, Chinese, European), core project financing from Europe. Roadshow in China, Brussels for outsourcing bioproducts manufacturing



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