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Youth & Retired personals Deployment

For fully utilizing SME, Expat, Engineering, Academia potential for Economic, Technological sovereignty, Implementing by self-sustainable public-private partnership

Action plan for fully utilizing available potential for sovereignty:

  1. Existing industry upgradation: Youth/Retired – SME – G20 triangle for 5 level linkages (Exports, JV, Tech, Training, Competitive) & Bio, IT solutions;

  2. Taking Expat in development loop; connectivity for 5 level linkages with G20, professional Skills, setting up Expat SEZ in collective like Sialkot Airport

  3. Export lead industry; Academia being head not the tail of industrialization.  Based on local raw materials & 30 to 50 years world demand. Mazie, sugarcane based 48 bio projects & Bio eco industrial park like Sialkot Airport.

  4. Engineering industry resource Centre: EIRC - Harmonizing Services, Public, Private sector Engineering potential for industrialization, Import substitution by transfer of technology.   

  5. Bio Knowledge value chain at 4 pillar: 4.0, AI, IoT (digital), R&D (Applied), Academia (Basic) & implementation by BDSP like TEC (Pvt.) Ltd.   Bio knowledge shop & corridor with China, G20 countries for capacity building.

  6. Developing entrepreneurship among students & faculty by arranging Self-financed seminar by inviting top 400 industrialists, expats, investors, BKIT organizations. Deliverable & setting up “Industry Resource Centre” BKIT    

Implementation Vehicles: Self sustainable PPP with academia, Govt.:

  1. Industry Resource Centre- BKIT (Bank/Finance, Knowledge, ICT/IT, Training) under one roof for ease of doing business. PPP with Govt.  

  2. Knowledge Value Chain at 4 pillars: Academia – Industry – Govt. helix

  3. Self-sustainable Engineering Industry Resource Centre. 

Our strengths; 30 years track record of setting up new industry & upgrading existing. The 5 knowledge products registered with IPO; BKIT, KVC etc. PPP with Federal /Punjab Govt. Physical infrastructure at Sundar estate.   Youth internship (4 batches) Expat plans


End results:

  1. Fast pace wide spread industrialization, job creation, exports

  2. Fully utilizing Youth, Retired, SME, Expat, Engineering, Academia potential

  3. Fully benefiting China, G20 countries for local capacity building.

  4. Strengthening economic and technological sovereignty

Economic and Technological Sovereignty
By making Pakistan - Bio, IT Hub 

1. Role of Academia, R&D institutes & BDSP - (Academia - Industry - Govt. helix) for Implementation

Link - Letter to Academia


  • Need based research + Knowledge Value Chain (KVC)

  • Futuristic, Bio exportable industry – Student & Faculty positioning

  • Knowledge Shop & Knowledge Corridor with China, G20 countries

  • Biotechnology Centre of Excellence

2. Govt. - Implementation by Self sustainable PPP

Link - Letter to Prime Minister Economic advisory counsel


  • SME Development Centre revival and positioning in Punjab

  • Industry Resource Centre - BKIT

  • Youth - SME - China, G20 triangle for 5 level linkages

3. Services: Fully utilizing Engineering, Academia, Retired, Foundations Potential – Implementing by self      sustainable PPP

  • Engineering Industry Resource Centre – Engineering set ups

  • Hybrid War – Biotechnology, ICT/IT Resource Centre – Academia

4. Fully Benefiting China, G20 Countries - 0 KM platform - BKIT

Link - Letter for G20 Countries

  • IRC - BKIT 

  • Knowledge Shop, Knowledge Corridor

  • Youth - SME - China, G20 triangle for 5 level linkages

5. Private Sector:

Link - Letter to Corp. sector            Link  - Maize letter                     Link - Sugarcane letter


  • Putting up Bio Eco Industrial Park based on Maize, Sugarcane

  • Expanding Engineering sector for Futuristic Industry

6. Expatriates:


Link - Letter to Expatriates

  • SEZ in collective like Sialkot airport by Expats

  • ICT/IT Centre

  • 5 level linkages with G20 countries

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