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TEC Achievements & Strengths

  • The highest performance industrial consultancy in the country; have set up Rs. Multi Billion plus investment trend-setting projects; Soda Ash. Ethanol (400,000 ltr/day) H2O2, power plant based on low-quality coal in Punjab & a total of 23 industries. 

  • Have introduced a four-pillar approach in setting up a new industry.                                                                                            i. Mainframe from China                                                                                                                                                       ii. High tech from G20, countries

                iii. local fabrication

                iv. Professionals role for harmonizing (TEC works from feasibility till commercial production)

  • Five knowledge products regarding SME growth registered with IPO Pakistan.  BKIT (Banks, Knowledge shop, ICT/IT and training) 4 inputs under one roof, Knowledge shop, SME Smart banking, SPM, IFPS  

  • Govt. policy input, Prepared FTA, and “Strategy regarding economic relations with China” for Ministry of commerce in 2005, UNDP funding. + Have presented “Road map for win-win CPEC industrial cooperation” at 5 provinces in China & to the top 500 companies club at Pak Embassy Beijing.  

  • A public-private partnership with provincial, federal Govt.  Directorate of Industry, NPO 

  • Expatriates Package – 3 level integration 

  • SME technological up-gradation; in particular has worked for Citrus processing to meet EU quarantine with ADB fund

  • Deployed Prime Minister Youth program internee 6 batches; (80, 300. 500, 1200) for SME 5 level linkage with G20

  •  Have set up “SME Development Center” with SME Business Support Fund (Ministry of Finance) in a public-private partnership

  • Lahore Chamber of Commerce and industry: Executive committee corporate class member (2008-2009).

Physical Infrastructure

  • At Sundar Industrial estate; 16 Kinal land, &12,000 Sq.ft covered area for BKIT field office

  • At main defense road 7 kinals Commercial plot for ICT/IT tower.  

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