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Feasibility Study - Table of Contents

Our report is based on data from real operators: R&D institute, machinery manufacturers, installation companies

1. Introduction
i. Project Brief
ii. Total project cost
iii. Process flow chart
2. Machinery
i. Machinery cost
ii. List of equipment with details
3. Raw Materials and inputs requirement
i. Main raw materials
ii. Steam + Power + Chemicals etc.
iii. Any other
4. Manpower Requirements
5. Land & Building
i. Land Requirements
ii. Covered area requirement
6. Utility requirements
7. Project cost breaks up:
i. Main equipment + Auxiliary equipment
ii. Technology fee + Installation commissioning cost
iii. Spare parts + Training etc expenses
8. Financial Analysis
i. Project economics
ii. Income statement for three years
9. Key assumptions
10. Key success factors


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