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ICT/IT Plaza - Knowledge value chain (KVC) – Building Voltaic

21st Century tower (Punjab, KPK Markets)


Location advantages: (On Defense Road – in between Raiwind road & express way)

  1. 5 KM radius: 8 universities, 175,000 students

  2. 10 KM radius: biggest investment in industrial, commercial, residential areas in the country is going on. This is going to be new Lahore.  

  3. 10 KM radius: GT road, Express way, Motorway (Punjab, KPK)

  4. 50 KM radius 15% industry of Punjab. 65% of total SME in Punjab


ICT/IT Plaza front office: (Complete building Voltaic) 100,000 Sq. ft.

  1. Startups: Incubation Centre + co work stations 

  2. SME: Model sectoral projects at Sundar

  3. Large enterprise: At Sundar and upcoming SEZ 


Industry Resource Centre – Back-office KVC: (Sundar Industrial Estate) The best industrial estate in the country, 40 multination’s, top 10 sectors,

  1. Agri Tech + SME ICT/IT one stop shop + Corporate – ICT/IT

  2. BKIT (Bank/Finance, Knowledge, ICT/IT, Training) under one roof

  3. Biotechnology Centre of excellence and incubation Centre. KVC - 4.0, AI, IoT (Digitalization), R&D Institutes – (Applied research), Academia – (Basic research) 

  4. BDSP (Business development service providers) forum (Financial, Technical, ICT/IT, Marketing) Sectors: Biotechnology, Chemicals, Food processing


Industry 4.0:  Industrial IoT, Industrial Apps, Network Centric, Automation, Sensors, Monitoring Tools, Quality, Safety


ICT Services to industry:

  1. Office in Box - ICT for SME, Group data, Business line, Data Services (4G)

  2. Enterprise surveillance, Telephony + Cloud Box + Business IoT Solutions + M2M Solutions + Biz Fuel Matic + Matic Genset Solution + Fuel Pump Management + Centralized security solution for office buildings and vehicular assets with advanced analytical management

  3. Improve operation & productivity with AI based IOT Solutions


Our strengths: 30 years track record of setting up new industry & upgrading existing. Have 16 Kinal (73000 Sq.ft) at best industrial Estate, 7 kinal (32000 Sq.ft) commercial at Defense road best location. The 5 knowledge products registered with IPO; BKIT, KVC etc. Public-private partnership arrangements with Federal/Punjab Govt.

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