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Academia and R&D institutes

Industry linkages

Three major hurdles and way forward:

  1. Professionals Would be Head not Tail of Industrialization: Presenting New Projects; based on Local Raw Materials, 30 to 50 years World Demand & New Technologies to Industry.

  2. Developing Knowledge ecosystem by Knowledge Value Chain - KVC at 4 pillars: (Digitalization, Applied Research, Basic Research, Implementing by BDSP, Knowledge Shop, Knowledge Corridor)

  3. Entrepreneurship & Customer relations: Making Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich”Steve Covey’s 8th Habit as part of curriculum   


  1. Seminar for local investors: Maize, sugarcane-based 45 Bio projects SEZ/STZ by inviting top 300 Industrialists

  2. Setting up “Industry Resource Centre” BKIT: (Bank/Finance, Knowledge, ICT/IT, Training) under one roof for facilitating industry. 

  3. Setting up Knowledge value chain: 4.0. AI, IoT (Digitalizing), R&D Institutes (Applied Research), Academia (Basic Research), and implementation by BDSP

  4. Setting up Knowledge Shop & Knowledge Corridor with G20 countries

  5. Youth–SME–G20 triangle for 5 level links (Export, joint venture, Technology, Training, competitiveness) for alumni 

  6. Incubation Centre for biotechnology, chemical, food processing sectors

End Results:  

  1. Launching SEZs in two years by local, global, expat investors for maize and sugarcane-based 45 bio products. 

  2. Academia, RDI capacity building by integration with industry & G20

  3. Attracting FDI: $2 to 4 billion, developing exportable, creating employment  

TEC Strengths:

  1. The highest performance industrial consultancy in country; have set up Rs. Billion plus investment Soda Ash. Ethanol, H2O2 projects and total 23 industries

  2. Five knowledge products: BKIT, Knowledge shop, registered with IPO

  3. Physical infrastructure: Sundar Industrial Estate; plot 6 & 7; 16 Kinal land, 12,000 Sq.ft covered area, at Defense Road 7 kinals (Commercial area) for ICT/IT tower

  4. Public-private partnership with provincial, federal Govt.  NPO, IPWM

  5. Prime minister Youth Internship Program, 4th batch (80, 300, 500,1200)


Our SloganMaking Pakistan Biotechnology & Knowledge Hub

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