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Setting up BKIT: (Banks/Investment Co, Knowledge Shop, ICT/IT, Training) for Local, Expat and Global Entrepreneurs under one roof for ease of doing Biz

Technology Exchange and Coordination (Pvt.) Ltd

Address: Plot # 6, 7 Sunder Industrial Estate, Lahore, Pakistan.​

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  • Bank/Finance, Knowledge, IT, Training under one roof for setting up Maize, sugarcane-based 45 bio projects, and Biotechnology industrial parks for local, expat, global investors.

  • Knowledge value chain at 4 pillars - 4.0. AI, IoT (Digitalizing), RDI (applied Research), Academia (Basic research), and implementing by professionals, fabricators. BDSP. Constructing IT tower at Defense Road Lahore for KVC organizations, Co work stations, Back offices. 

  • Setting up Bio Eco industrial parks  for expats in collective like Sialkot airport and 45 Bio projects 

  • TEC offers the ICT/IT, RDI, Academia and professionals , fabricators to join hands.  

  • Youth–SME–G20 triangle for 5 level links (Export, joint venture, Technology, Training, competitiveness) 


3. End results:

  • Ease of doing business for Bio projects

  • Developing export lead futuristic bio industry 

  • Creating employment


  • Creating knowledge eco system to keep the industry  up to date and competitive    

  • University graduates capacity building and self employment facilitation 

  • Developing Bio industry cluster for competitiveness

  • Providing platform for professionals and researchers for  connectivity with industry 

  • Fully utilizing great unexplored SME and Youth potential 

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