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  1. Introduction:

  • TEC has developed 45 bio projects based on Maize, Sugarcane and is working in setting up Biotechnology industrial parks in private sector along with the knowledge value chain; 4.0. AI, IoT (Digitalizing); R&D (applied Research), Academia (Basic research), and BDSP (Business development service providers) for implementation.    

  • TEC works from project identification till boiler firing and has set up Rs. Billion plus investment Olympia Soda ash, Ethanol, H2O2 projects and considered the highest performance industrial consultancy in the country. 

​  2. Offer for Academia:

  • Setting up a "Biotechnology Knowledge shop" by academia, R&D Institutes, BDSP at Sundar Industrial Estate, and a knowledge corridor with China, G20 countries for capacity building.  

  • Arranging seminars for awareness and networking with private sector, Govt, G20 countries for materializing

  • Biotechnology industrial park will bring the following benefits for academia.  

      i. Integrating basic research with R&D and digitalization or knowledge value chain. Assignments for faculty and                               post-graduate students.
     ii. Setting up an Industrial park will bring assignments, internships for all the departments, and private                                               sector realization of academia's important role. 

     iii. Positioning the faculty and students in the futuristic industry.

     iv. Jobs for students and alumni by Youth - SME - G20 triangle.

  3. Homework for the seminar

  • Draft of letter to the private sector for setting up Biotechnology industrial park 

  • Draft of the letter and talking points to Govt.  for developing academia-industry - Govt helix

  • Draft of the letter for BKIT related organizations for setting up Biotechnology Resource Centre 

  • Draft of letter to G20 countries counsel generals for Knowledge corridor with G20 countries 

 4.  End results:

  • Academia, R&D Institutes capacity building by integration with industry, BKIT  Org & G20 countries organization

  • Materializing long talked about, Academia-Industry-Govt. helix for effective facilitation and ease of doing business in setting up 21st-century Biotechnology SEZ

  • Creating assignments for faculty, job for students, and income for organizations.   

CEO - TEC is the founder convener of  Pak - China Knowledge corridor committee at Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Investment facilitation, Knowledge corridor committee at FPCCI - Punjab 

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