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Vice Chancellor - Letter

Vice Chancellor, 

SUB: Lead role of academia in economic development Academia – Industry – Govt. helix for implementation 

Dear Sir, 


It will be a honor to present the way forward for meeting the current Economic Challenges. Abstract of the paper “Lead Role of Academia in Economic Development” is attached.  


The efforts will generate funds for University, Internship, Jobs, for students and positioning faculty, students inline with the Future of Industrialization in the country.  


Academia - TEC jointly developing Academia - Industry Govt. helix for "Industry Resource Centre" and inauguration at the seminar is proposed. University’s Bio, CS, Business school, Engineering, IR, etc. relevant department students & societies may develop entrepreneurship by arranging the event. 


Self-financed Seminar by inviting 400 Top Industrialists and the relevant Public, Private sector organizations. on the Future of Industrialization with the Motto: Pakistan Future in Industrialization, Youth Future in Entrepreneurship. Brief attached


TEC has developed Maize, Sugarcane based 45 bio projects Eco Industrial Park model along with Chinese, G20 country R&D institutes. As per R&D institutes, major crops based bio products are going to overtake the textile sector in 10 to 15 years.  


TEC works for setting up new industries & is considered the highest performance industrial consultancy in country. My daughters, the directors in the company,  Bimal Rehman biotech 7th semester, Taniya Rehman CS 3rd semester students can coordinate with top 400 industrialists. We have contact details. TEC Profile is attached.  


Looking forward to presenting in detail when convenient. 


Best Regards

Engr. Siddiq ur Rehman Rana (China) 

Flt. Lt (Retd) : 0300-8461297       


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