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SEZ - Project Outline
21st Century SEZ at 4 pillar model

EIP, Knowledge & product value chains, LMM to grow in the competitive world

1. Enterprise/Developer: SEZ to reduce the CAPEX and OPEX and becoming
most competitive by 4 pillar model; mainly:

i. EIP (Eco-Industrial park -UNIDO-Vietnam) Reduction in energy, water, and raw material by integrated manufacturing complex. RECP model.
Getting the latest technology economically by developing knowledge value chain; IR 4.0, AI, IoT,   RDI, Academia, BDSP
Product value chain: raw materials procurement till product sale
Integrating with LMM & BDSP the driving force behind industrialization

2. Genuine SEZ with core project & outsourcing downstream industry:

i. Reducing CAPEX by selling plot or plugin facilities
Cheaper Utilities: Captive Power, as per production steam
Economical Common facilities: Transportation + Warehouse + maintenance + Internet   communication + Monitoring + Waste water treatment & recycling
Non processing zone: (Commercial, residential) Departmental store + Hotels + Market + Banks, ATM   + Patrol pump source of income
v. Reducing OPEX by RECP and product value chain
vi. Human resource from own training Centre

3. Attracting investment: Roadshow in China, Brussels

4. We can add the following for vendors in SEZ:

i. One window service – Industry Resource Centre; BKIT (Bank, Knowledge, ICT/IT, Training) under one   roof
ii. National & global value chain integration
iii. Construction etc. facilitation


Check out the links below: 


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3.  Road map for Attracting Investment


4.  Distillery Vinasse based Organic Fertilizer (Potassium Fulvic Acid)  

5.  TEC Profile 

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