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TEC - My Story - Our professional Growth and Academia Role

My Family’s Story – Academia

Our professional Growth and Academia Role

1. In 1990 after getting release from Pakistan Air Force, established an NGO “Association for the promotion of Science & Technology” with academia. The executive committee was consisting of the renowned professors in the town, Prof Dr. Khalid Aftab, Prof Dr. Pervaiz Vandal, Prof Zafar Rashid, Dr. Mateen.

2. Took an initiative for teaching the students, how basic sciences; physics, chemistry, math are linked with applied side or with main stream. We developed the interesting examples; Physics – Tarbela Dam; potential energy to kinetic energy to electrical, Chemistry links with pharmacy, human body etc. Three professors from FCC and one from GCU joined us.

3. In 1992 started industrial consultancy and approached my professors in China for words of wisdom on industrialization. They introduced how Chinese academia contributes in fast pace, wide spread industrialization, mainly:

i. Developing export lead, futuristic industry by focusing on local agro, mineral raw materials and keeping in view 30 to 50 years world demand. Have applied this model and worked for setting Soda ash, Ethanol and H2O2 projects. Punjab had only these PRs. Billion plus investment chemical plants since last 30 years, so we are considered the highest performance industrial consultancy in the country. Now looking forward to join hand with FCCU in arranging seminars.

ii. Introducing world best practices for upgrading the existing industry. We have applied this for upgrading fresh citrus processing production line at Sargodha to meet the EU quarantine rules and had impressive results.

iii. Have developed 4 pillar model in setting up new projects; know how from R&D institutes, maximum local fabrication, blending high tech from developed countries and the role of professional from project identification till boiler firing.

4. In 2019, my daughter Bimal Rehman, joined biotechnology department. We signed MOU with the FCCU for Biotechnology Resource Centre in September 2020. She had done extensive work.

5. We consulted biotechnology R&D institutes in China and world over, have developed maize, sugarcane based 45 bio projects and have developed investors for setting up “Biotechnology Industrial Park” and are practically working on it. Bimal has prepared feasibilities for bio projects from maize and sugarcane.

6. Have developed the road map to make “Pakistan biotechnology and knowledge hub” & are making efforts to join hand with academia, R&D institutes for launching it. Our determination is internship and job for all the bio graduates by 2023.

7. In Oct 2021, Taniya Rehman joined computer science department. She

has already structured the company web site and social

media since last one year. She is working on “Knowledge Value Chain” in the

upcoming “Biotechnology Industrial Park”

8. We believe that the top technology companies and entrepreneurs Bill Gate, Mark

Zuckerberg, etc. were launched from universities. Universities are the launching

pad for the new projects and entrepreneurship.

9. Interestingly during corona holidays last year, we started reading “Think and

grow rich” by Napoleon hill and watching teenage millionaires’ videos on

YouTube. Bimal and Taniya Rehman thought that they would be doing now, what

they would be doing after graduation. Which I say jump the curve. However, I

have made them Director at Technology Exchange and Coordination (Pvt) Ltd

and they are for putting up “Industry Resource Centre” BKIT (Bank/Financial

institutes, Knowledge shop, ICT/IT, Training) under one roof at Sundar Industrial

Estate and KVC (Knowledge value chain) tower at defense road. We believe that

Pakistan future is in industrialization and youth future in entrepreneurship.

10. We have also developed a road map “Lead role by academia, R&D institutes to

meet the economic challenges” and are actively working on it. We are confident

that by joining hand with academia, R&D institutes we can effectively contribute

in making Pakistan biotechnology and knowledge hub.

11. We are developing BDSP (Business development service providers) forum by

taking the expatriates on board for pushing forward fast pace, wide spread

industrialization and encouraging entrepreneurship.

God bless our country with great leap forward in economy and technology

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