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TEC offers Academia, R&D Institutes, ICT/IT Co, BDSP to join hands for following

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

TEC offers Academia, R&D Institutes, ICT/IT Co, BDSP (Business Development service providers) to join hands for:

i. Developing “Academia–Industry–Govt. helix”,

ii. Setting up “SME Development Centre” BKIT; (Bank/Finance, Knowledge, ICT/IT, Training) under one roof,

iii. Knowledge shop & knowledge corridor with G20 countries.

iv. Knowledge value chain (KVC) - 4.0. AI, IoT (Digitalizing); RDI (applied Research), Academia (Basic research) with upcoming industrial parks in private sector

v. 21st century SEZ at 4 pillars

vi. BDSP (Business development service providers) forum. Taking expatriates in the loop.

Cell/WhatsApp/WeChat: 0300-8461297

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