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TEC Strengths

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

1. The highest performance industrial consultancy in the country; have set up PRs. Billion-plus investment trend-setting projects; Soda Ash. Ethanol (400,000 ltr/day) H2O2, a power plant based on low-quality coal in Punjab & a total of 23 industries.

2. Have introduced a four-pillar approach in setting up a new industry. i. Mainframe from R&D institutes in China, EU ii. High tech from G20, countries iii. Maximum local fabrication iv. Professionals’ role from feasibility till commercial production

3. Technological up-gradation; in particular, has worked for fresh fruit, Citrus processing to meet EU quarantine regulations with ADB funding.

4. Five knowledge products registered with IPO Pakistan. BKIT (Banks, Knowledge shop, ICT/IT and Training) 4 inputs under one roof, Knowledge shop, etc.

5. Govt. policy input, FTA, and “Strategy regarding economic relations with China” for Ministry of commerce in 2005, UNDP funding.

6. Have set upSME Development Center” with SME Business Support Fund (Ministry of Finance) in a public-private partnership

7. Have presented “Road map for win-win CPEC industrial cooperation” at 5 provinces in China & to the top 500 companies club at Pak Embassy Beijing.

8. A public-private partnership with provincial, federal Govt. departments

9. Expatriates Package – 3 level integration with economy

10. Deployed Prime Minister Youth program internee 4 batches: (80, 300. 500, 1200) for SME 5 level linkage with G20

11. Lahore Chamber of Commerce and industry: Executive committee corporate class member (2008-2009).

12. At Sundar Industrial estate: 16 Kinal land, and12,000 Sq. ft. covered area, the only engineering consultancy company in the country with PRs. 250 million set up.

Engr. Siddiq-ur-Rehman Rana (China) Flt.Lt. (Retd) CEO: Technology Exchange & coordination (Pvt.) Ltd. (The highest performance industrial consultancy in the country) Plot 6 & 7, Sundar Industrial Estate, Lahore Ph: 36652997, 36650063 Email: Websites:,

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