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Technology Exchange and Coordination (Pvt.) Ltd. - Profile

Technology Exchange and Coordination (Pvt.) Ltd.


TECHNOLOGY EXCHANGE AND COORDINATION (PVT.) LTD. was established in 1992 to facilitate the investors in:

i. Setting up new industry and industrial parks, SEZ

ii. Upgradation the existing and Business with China

We do specialize in:

i. Hybrid production line by Equipment and technology blending; Local + Chinese + G20 countries

ii. Sourcing and evaluating manufacturers in China for direct business

iii. Transfer of technology

iv. Providing effective project supervision on the basis of knowing the Chinese systems, business practices, mindset, and language

We are working for setting up 21st Century SEZ at 4 pillar model:

EIP, Knowledge & product value chains, LMM to grow in the competitive world

1. Enterprise/Developer; SEZ to reduce the CAPEX and OPEX and becoming the most competitive by 4 pillar model; mainly:

i. EIP (Eco-Industrial park -UNIDO-Vietnam) Reduction in energy, water, and raw material by integrated manufacturing complex. RECP

ii. Getting the latest technology economically by developing knowledge value chain; IR 4.0, AI, IoT, RDI, Academia, BDSP

iii. Product value chain; raw materials procurement till product sale

iv. Integrating with LMM & BDSP the driving force behind industrialization

2. Genuine SEZ with core project & outsourcing downstream industry:

i. Reducing CAPEX by selling plot or plugin facilities

ii. Cheaper Utilities: Captive Power, as per production steam

iii. Economical Common facilities: Transportation + Warehouse + maintenance + Internet, communication + Monitoring + Waste water treatment & recycling

iv. Non processing zone: (Commercial, residential) Departmental store + Hotels + Market + Banks, Patrol pump source of income

v. Reducing OPEX by RECP and product value chain

vi. Human resource from own training Centre

3. Attracting investment: Roadshow in China, Brussels

Our Road map for attracting investment Enterprise/Developer SEZ

1st Step: Homework for setting up Industrial Park at 4 pillar model.

2nd Step: Core project:

i. Fully understanding Chinese market regarding the project by forming a consortium of R&D institute, machinery manufacturer, construction company for the project execution.

ii. Outlining the joint venture arrangements with the Chinese side

iii. Sourcing multiple JV options in China

iv. Project execution road map

3rd Step: Outsourcing and joint ventures for integrated Industrial complex:

i. Renting out for plugin to relevant industry

ii. Joint venture for the downstream industry

4th Step: Outsourcing and Joint ventures for utilities, common facilities:

i. Utilities – power plant, steam, water, etc.

ii. Logistics, warehousing

iii. Common facilities and training Centre

iv. Residential and commercial areas

Note: Multiple joint ventures with Chinese, European companies and maintaining core ownership and central control of land, utilities, and product value chain is proposed.

We offer the following services: -

1. Project Identification; local raw materials with 30- 50 years of world demand

2. Technical Feasibility Study based on R&DI, manufacturers, EPC data.

3. Project execution with the hybrid production line.

4. Forming and managing consortium of RDI, manufacturers, EPC

5. Organizing maximum possible local Fabrication by managing technical know

6. Providing supervision/coordination and Training Services for Implementation.

7. Market Research and Studies

8. Exploring joint venture partner in the international market (in particular China)

TEC has handled a variety of projects. The company maintains very strong, highly productive, and direct working relations with Chinese equipment manufacturers and R&D institutes, etc. organizations.

Our direct contacts with the manufacturers and design houses bring the following advantages:

i. Economy

ii. Reliability

iii. Efficiency

iv. Access to technical know-how and experts for the maximum possible local manufacturing



Seeing any project through from its selection to the commercial production can severely test the resources of any organization.

The project identification, preparation of realistic technical, financial feasibility reports, preparation of equipment, and know-how package for hybrid production line, exploring and evaluating the manufacturers in China, G20 countries for direct business, negotiating the contract, and providing effective supervision during project implementation is the specialized task of TEC.

TEC has the experience and the resources to:

i. Harness all these to the benefit of the investor

ii. Converting an idea into a reality on the ground in the most economical and efficient manner.

Following is the elaboration of the services offered by the TEC.


On the following basis we do undertake project identification:

i. Extensive knowledge of the local raw material availability, 30 -50 years market demand, existing industry and future requirements.

ii. Up to date knowledge of the developments and trends in the field of technology and economy.

iii. We have a pool of data covering:

A. “Five Year Plans” and its implementation status,

B. Project identification is done by:

a. Investment advisory centers

b. Central & Provincial Ministries of industry

c. Studies regarding Agro/Mineral-based projects

d. Studies conducted by the international organizations

iv. Micro level analysis of processing cost, capital and running investment, and other factors.


We do prepare the feasibility reports by data from RDI, manufacturers, EPC on which the investor can make the decision to invest. Our strong point is:

a. We have access to the Research & Design houses in the international market

(In particular China) with relevant experience to get the real data.

b. Knowledge and experience of setting up a new industry.


Pre-Feasibility study

This study highlights basic information and provides outline regarding manufacturing Process, Land building, and equipment requirement, manufacturing cost, total project cost, running finance and profitability.

Feasibility Study

This study covers a depth evaluation of aspects pertaining to technical, economic, financial, and market.


It’s definitely economical to make the package by:

i. Arranging maximum possible local manufacturing by managing the know-how/ experts from China and the knowledge of the local potential.

ii. Evaluating all possible options or production routes

iii. Analyzing all the individual items of equipment

iv. Equipment matching: i.e., getting high tech equipment from developed countries and appropriate equipment from China.


Feasible transfer of technology results in big economic gains. We do have:

i. Access to the sources of technology in the international market and in particular China.

ii. Engineering knowledge to materialize the transformation.


Direct business with the manufacturer results in:

i. Best price package + Reliability of commitment

ii. Better terms of contract + Modification with convenience

iii. Smooth implementation

iv. We have wide-ranging direct contracts with manufacturers in China.


We can make the following inputs in local manufacturing:

i. Preparing Process sheet etc details

ii. Facilitating in removing technical bottlenecks

iii. Monitoring to ensure the quality and delivery schedule


We do provide supervision & coordination for project implementation. It covers:

- Preparation of Project implementation schedule, CPM charts, etc.

- Overseeing the pace and the quality of work

- Evaluation of bids & selection of final contractors/vendors.

- Supervision during installation and commissioning.


We do assist in Specifying the training agenda, Preparation of the training schedule, effective training and compiling the training material, etc.

IX. Market Research and Market Studies.

The success of a unit depends on Its ability to capture the market. It is imperative for the survival that the product would be marketable now and the times to come.

This aspect of the study must precede any engineering design and an in-depth study was done with the most candid approach covering the entire range of the products, probable volume of local and export marketing methodology, distribution, and after-sale service network.


There are number of organizations in the developed countries and a few even in

Developing countries that are looking for better options/projects beyond their


On the basis of wide-ranging contacts and the exposer we can effectively explore

The joint venture partners from the international market.


Environmental Impact Assessment

All projects irrespective of their nature have their very own and peculiar impacts on the ecology of the surroundings. The environmental impact assessment study predicts the effects of the proposed project on environments viz-a-viz the envisaged process, Chemicals to be used in the process and the reuse. An Environmental Impact Assessment Study covers the following: -

- The likely environmental effect of the proposed project.

- Enumerate changes in design or ways and means to reduce the effect and shape the project so as to achieve a balance without jeopardizing the productivity and any compromise and quality of the products.

- Predictions and options for the decision-makers

Project Financing

The financial planning of a project is basic and important part of Project feasibility and plays a pivotal role. Designing a financial package requires a depth understanding of the technical and financial aspects of the project as well as the specific requirements of Various financing institutes. We do facilitate and coordinate in preparing a financial package and project Financing.

Technical Audit

Technical Audit Study entails a retrospective appraisal of process, operation,

Maintenance procedures and policies, management and financial activities of any

Business organization and Its manufacturing facilities. The recommendations are Made to improve the operating efficiency of the facilities audited. Management of Materials and Spare Parts It entails assistance to clients in material and spare parts procurement. TEC also offers to Develop tailor-made software for spare parts management to suit the client’s requirements



TEC has been involved in a number of assignments/studies related to the fields of

Services offered. A brief resume of some of the assignment’s undertakings are

Appended below: -


i. Premier Industrial Chemicals

- Industrial alcohol 400,000 ltr/day from molasses

- Acetic acid 15,000 ton/year + CO2 10,000 ton/year

- 6 MW power besides running the production line from waste.

- The biggest distillery in Pakistan and with zero pollution.

ii. Hydrogen peroxide (DECON)

- H2O2 plant 20,000 tons/year at 100 %

- The H2O2 demand was met by imports

iii. SODA ASH PLANT (Olympia)

- The project is a big breakthrough in chemical industry.

- Made the project viable by relocating and blending high tech


- Technically viable and most economical product was managed with the combination of Chinese chaises, body, and Cummins (American) Engine, etc.

- Innovative matching of components from China and the USA.

v. LEAD PENCIL PROJECT FOR 50 million pcs/year by arranging the hardware and software Package from China. A project of Syed Engineer.


i. Up gradation of fresh Kinno production line with BSF fund.

ii. Expansion of Kinno processing factory with BSF fund

iii. Economical way of getting the latest technology

iv. Gearing up industrialization in the rural areas

v. Entrepreneurship by imparting income generation skills

vi. On the job training system

Industrial projects FEASIBILITY STUDIES

i. Hydrogen peroxide

ii. CFB Boiler 75 ton/h (based on local low-quality coal)

iii. Soda Ash 200,000 t/year

iv. Power plant 50 MW based at the local coal

v. Leather tanning and product making

vi. Automobile (car manufacturing)

vii. Fruit and vegetable processing

viii. Sanitary pad and Diaper manufacturing

ix. Non-woven fabrics and flocking

x. Mechanized Brick making

xi. Value addition of the Molasses to industrial alcohol

xii. Chromium sulfate

xiii. Citric Acid project

xiv. Marble mining and processing


A. CHEMICAL INDUSTRY: We did arrange the evaluation of the process & equipment manufacturing drawings For Chromium Sulfate (Tanning Salt) project from the specialized institutions in China at the best possible arrangement.

B PAPER & BOARD INDUSTRY: We did arrange the seminar 1st time in Pakistan for Paper Pulp making from cotton stalk by Chinese experts.

C. AGRO INDUSTRY We are arranging the transfer of technology for Potato Seed making by tissue culture method.

D. DEFENSE EQUIPMENT: We have worked for transfer of technology for indigenous Manufacturing of Aircraft Tires etc items for Aircraft and Tanks.

E. LOCAL MANUFACTURING: We worked for organizing the local manufacturing by providing technical support, Coordination among the different small-scale workshops for accomplishing the Different engineering activities in product manufacturing and monitoring for ensuring the quality and the pace of work.


Heading: Standing Committee at Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry and FPCCI Punjab: -

i. Pak – China Knowledge corridor

ii. Joint venture facilitation and transfer of technology

Engr. Siddiq ur Rehman Rana (China) Flt. Lt (Retd)

CEO – Technology Exchange and Coordination (Pvt.) Ltd (The highest performance industrial consultancy in the country) Plot # 6 & 7 Sundar Industrial Estate, Lahore.

Ph: 0092-42-36652997

Cell/WhatsApp: 0092-300-8461297

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