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Public Policy - Industry

Joining hands for addressing industries public policy issues in particular ease of doing business is proposed. The talking points are attached. 


The industry point of view regarding public policy institutions is: 

i. Mostly they discuss social issues, not growth, industrialization and private sector development. 


ii. In economics, they discuss current account, trading deficit etc. balance   sheet issues., whereas the fundamental issue is making public policy favorable for:

a. Human resource development, utilisation, - Industrial workers training ladder, combination of work & study (youth wants to study but can't afford it)

b. Transforming from consumer economy to manufacturing and export oriented economy, - Ease of doing business institutions in PPP for value addition facilitation 

c. Self sustainable economy by integration with G20, global value chains.

d. Transforming academia to introduce world best practices to existing SME and export led growth, instead of being factories for unemployed educated youth

e. Launching 4.0 for competitiveness and transforming to meet the 21st century business requirements 

f. Locally manufactured machinery driven industrialisation  


The 3 month work plan is prepared as per private sector perspective, and will facilitate in academia, industry linkages. 

Institute of Public Policy – TEC - 3 months’ Work Plan



  1. Ease of doing business – IRC – BKIT (Bank/Finance, Knowledge, ICT/IT, Training under one roof – Bio projects

  2. Academia – industry – Govt. helix – 4 pronged strategy

  3. Existing industry Bio solutions + bio eco industrial parks – (Maize, Sugarcane based 48 projects)

  4. Industrial workers training ladder

  5. Launching 4.0, digitalization through Knowledge Value Chain, Knowledge Shop, Knowledge Corridor with China, G20



  1. Institutions: IRC-BKIT + KVC + Knowledge shop & corridor with G20

  2. Projects: Bio, digitalization solutions + Eco industrial park

  3. Rs. 100- 150 million funding for IPP

Deliverable: Public policy

  1. Large industry bio solution, 4.0 – Bio eco industrial parks

  2. Youth - SME – G20; triangle for 5 level linkages (SBP, China, EU)

  3. Digitalization – Fintech + large industry + SME – IT (CS)

  4. Expat 3 level integration – (Professional pool, SEZ, 5 linkages)

  5. Knowledge value chain + Knowledge shop (53) + Corridor (G20)

  6. Industrial workers training ladder – poorest the poor

  7. Engineering industry resource Centre – Public sector + SME


Road map or stepping after IPP – TEC MOU

  1. Writing letters within one month:

  1. Govt. helix; (Punjab - Industry, Agriculture, Environment, PnD) PIE, PBIT, (Federal – MOST, EAD, MOIP, Minfall,

  2. Private sector (Top 400)  – SIE, OICCI, PBC, Expat: UK, USA, EU

  3. BKIT Org: Fintech, Karandaz, G20

  4. Knowledge value chain: HEC, ICT/IT + 53 Bio uni+ MAP, ACMA,

  5. HEC: policy reforms for industry linkages, KS, KC, KVC

  1. Advisory board: (Secretary industry, agriculture, environment, PnD,  Fed: Planning, MOIP, MOST, MOC, EAD, ) + ADR – CJ -high court

  2. Professionals’ pool: Alumni, BKIT, BDSP professionals, expats 

  3. Knowledge mall: KS, KC, KVC + IRC – BKIT +  

Income streams – Biz model - use value, exchange value 

  1. Bio solutions + Environment org, Banks, projects etc.

  2. Fintech + SME IT + Digitalization – large industry

  3. SME facilitations, SBP, global financial institutions

  4. G20 countries, China, EU, USA + Expat – alumni


Motto: Pakistan future in industrialization, Youth future in entrepreneurship

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