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Road Map for Attracting Investment in the SEZ 
Enterprise/Developer Category

1st Step:

Our own homework for setting up Industrial Park at 4 pillar model. Brief attached.


2nd Step - Core project:

  1. Setting up the project by forming a consortium of R&D institute, machinery manufacturers, construction companies for economy & reliability.

  2. Outlining the joint venture arrangements with the Chinese side

  3. Sourcing multiple JV options in China

  4. Project execution road map


3rd Step:

Outsourcing and multiple joint ventures for integrated Industrial complex:

  1. Downstream and relevant industry

  2. Renting out for plugin to relevant industry

  3. Joint venture for the downstream industry


4th Step:

Outsourcing and multiple Joint ventures non-processing zone:

  1. Utilities – power plant, steam, water, etc.

  2. Logistics, warehousing

  3. Common facilities and training Centre

  4. Residential and commercial areas



Note: Multiple joint ventures with Chinese, European companies and maintaining core ownership and central control of land, utilities, and product value chain is proposed.




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