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Lead Role of Academia in Economic Development  

Academia – Industry – Govt. Helix – for Implementation    

Self-Financed Seminar for Launching IRC – BKIT 


  1. Formation of IRC-BKIT (Bank/investment Co., Knowledge shop-R&D/University, ICT/IT & Training) under one roof for ease of doing business. Engaging with G20 countries & synergizing all the departments 

  2. Developing Academia –Industry– Govt. helix; with federal, provincial Govt. 

  3. Reaching top 400 Industries & Expats for presenting 45 Maize, Sugarcane based bio projects Eco Industrial Park. The Future of Industrialization.

  4. Youth–SME–G20 Triangle for 5 level links (Exports, Joint Ventures, Technology, Training, Competitiveness) for Alumni Employment. 


Mailing list for joint Seminar/Webinar: 

  1. Reaching Top 400 Industrialists PBC (90) + OICCI (150) + Sundar (50) Cement + Sugar + Textile + Chemicals (110)

  2. Reaching expats organizations in UK, USA etc. countries for setting up professional’s forum, Eco Industrial Park in private sector like Sialkot Airport 

  3. Networking BKIT related organizations: 

  • Banks: Karandaz + DFID + SBP – ED + MCB + HBL + BOP + (30)

  • Knowledge shop: BDSP: ICAP, MAP, Architects, all bio                                          

  • ICT/IT: (One stop shop) Telecom + Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Alibaba

  • Training:  NAVTTC  

  4. Helix with related organizations Fed, Punjab Govt. SMEDA, PIEDMC, PARB, PARC, MOST, HEC,              MOIP, MOST, Minfal                                                

  5. Entrepreneurship: venture capital Co. + Pak launch etc.  

  6. International: China, G20 country honorary consul general 


Implementation: Faculty, student Association Core Team + Event Arrangement Team 

  1. Generating funds for the event, by developing entrepreneurship –  offering stalls to the mailing list etc. initiatives. 

  2. MOU Signing: Helix with federal, provincial Govt, Dept. + MOU With BKIT related organizations  + projects with industrialists & expats 


End results: 

  1. Creating jobs, Internship, Assignments for students & faculty 

  2. Academia, R&D Institutes, BDSP capacity building by benefiting G20

  3. Generating funds for university 

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