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Sugar Industry future is in Diversification to

25 Bio and Value-added Products 


Check out the Links below: 


1.  Sugarcane-based Value-added Products Cluster for Higher Profitability

2. 21st Century Industrial Park or SEZ

3. Road map for Attracting Investment

4. Distillery Vinasse based Organic Fertilizer (Potassium Fulvic Acid)  

5. TEC Profile 

A. Core project: Ethanol – (170 T/D + biofertilizer 190 T/D) ($ 20 Million)

B. Distillery waste-based Biofertilizer (Potassium Pholvic acid) 88 T/D


Project Cost: US $ 4.2 Million, Building: 3000 M2, Manpower: 25 persons

C. Futuristic bioproducts: (Outsourcing, Chinese, European investors)

  1. Edible Dry yeast from molasses  5000 T/Y ($ 7.1 Million)

  2. Amino Acid                                  10,000 T/Y ($ 7.8 Million)

  3. Sodium Gluconate Project            30,000 T/Y ($ 8.5 Million)

  4. Citric acid                                    20,000  T/Y ($ 9 Million)

  5. Lactic Acid                                   5000   T/Y ($ 4 Million) + 30,000 ($ 18 M)

D. Value-added products:

Yeast, Xylitol, Wax and fat, Vinegar, Vinasse, Vermicomposting, Sugar (Refined, Raw, Specialty), Substrate for Mushroom, Soil Conditioner, Plastics, Pesticides, Paperboard, Paper, Monosodium Glutamate, Methane gas, Glycerol, Glass and Ceramic manufacturing, Furfural, Fuel: Pellets, Fertilizer, Feed for poultry, Ethylene Glycol, Ethylene, Ethanol, Enzymes, Electricity, Distilled Spirits, Concrete from bagasse, Composts, Citric Acid, Cellulosic pulp, Carbon dioxide Gas, Briquettes, Bioplastics, Bio-detergent, Animal feed, Amino acids, Alpha Cellulose, Alcohol derivatives, Acetone, Acetic Acid, Acetaldehyde.


E. SEZ outline: 
  i. Land: 60 to 100 Acre

    Core own project: 20 Acres

    Utilities: Acre + Residential: acres

  ii. Selling out for related industry: acres (Reducing CAPEX)
  iii. Plugin related industry: (Reducing OPEX)

  Input related industry Downstream industry: 5 Bioproducts: Edible Dry yeast + Lysin

  + Sodium Gluconate Project + Citric Acid + Probiotic


F. Prospects: 
  i. Cane juice, Molasses based bioproducts demand at increase
  ii. Huge export potential of all the products

G. Financing and Attracting Investment:
 i.   Hybrid equipment, (local, Chinese, European), core project financing from Europe

 ii.  Roadshow in China, Brussels for outsourcing bioproducts manufacturing 

 iii. Road map for attracting investment

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