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Sundar Industrial Estate 

"Elevating Excellence with Innovative Services & Training Platforms!"

TEC at Sundar Industrial Estate: Your Gateway to Industrial Excellence! Discover the all-in-one Industry Resource Centre - BKIT, where Bank/Finance, Knowledge, IT, and Training converge for seamless business operations. Nestled at plot 6 & 7, Sundar Industrial Estate, TEC boasts a stellar track record since 1992, setting up multi-billion projects and earning recognition as the country's top Industrial Consultancy. Elevate your industry with TEC's futuristic initiatives, offering everything from projects identification to boiler firing. With expertise in managing hybrid production lines economically, TEC ensures the perfect blend of local, Chinese, EU, and G20 resources. Dive into the Biotechnology Revolution with IRC-BKIT, where ideas turn into reality under one roof. TEC - Where Innovation Meets Expertise, Unleashing the Power of BDSP, Biotech Excellence, and Endless Opportunities through our Freelance Platform. Join us in shaping the future of industry innovation and success!

Message to Sundar Community

"TEC's Power Hub at Sundar Industrial Estate - Plot 6 & 7! From setting up new industries to upgrading existing ones, TEC, a top-performing consultancy since 1992, is your go-to for industrial excellence. Director Bimal Rehman, a Double Gold Medalist in Bio, spearheads our futuristic approach with 48 bio projects across various sectors. Offering 4 to 6 Kinal at plot # 6 & 7, we specialize in managing hybrid production lines economically, harmonizing local, Chinese, EU, and G20 resources. TEC - Your Destination for Futuristic Industry Solutions!"

"Revolutionizing Pakistan's Economy through SME Brilliance! Unlocking the full potential of small and medium enterprises, we pave the way for transformation and export integration. With 30 years of expertise in setting up greenfield projects and elevating existing SMEs, we introduce the groundbreaking concept of SME value chain at 4 pillars. From export and marketing facilitation to public policy support, from a consolidated BKIT (Bank, Knowledge, IT/ICT, Training) hub for seamless business to fostering competitiveness through enhanced productivity and global best practices.

Bio-powered revolution across six key sectors. In Pharma, imagine locally crafted Medical Starch, Vitamin C, and more. The Food Sector dazzles with Starch, Corn Oil, and Maize magic. Chemistry takes center stage in the Chemical Sector, with Ethanol, Lactic Acid, and Amino Acids, all from our maize marvels. Poultry gets a makeover with Amino Acids, Probiotics, and more sourced from Maize. Packaging featuring Starch, Corn Oil, and Maize-based wonders. And, for a sustainable tomorrow, Environmental Solutions shine with bio-derived solutions. 

Pharma & Food SME Value Chain 

TEC is working to revitalise Pakistan's economy by efficient SME support through SME value chain at 4 pillars and integration with emerging technologies; Bio and IT. TEC have 30 years of experience in establishing greenfield projects and upgrading existing SMEs, 

Export & Marketing Facilitation

TEC is your strategic partner, for corporate sector connectivity.  Offering Pharma, Food SME value chain. Mainly economical procurement of raw materials, inputs, export facilitation, logistics coordination,  financial arrangements, and innovative advertising solutions. Elevating SME & E.commerce bushiness with TEC's holistic approach to propel in the global market.

Economical Raw Material & inputs procurement

Benefit from cost-effective raw material and inputs sourcing, ensuring efficiency in your operations.

Financial Arrangement

TEC assists in securing financial arrangements tailored to your business needs, ensuring financial stability.

Logistic Facilitation

Enjoy seamless logistics facilitation, optimizing the movement of your goods for enhanced operational efficiency.

Exports Facilitation

Navigate the global market with ease as we facilitate and streamline your export processes.

Advertising Solutions 

Elevate your brand presence with our tailored advertising solutions, enhancing your visibility in the competitive export and marketing landscape.

Public Policy Facilitation

TEC is your strategic partner, offering comprehensive support in transforming your Pharma and Food SME value chain. Our services include economical procurement of raw materials and inputs, streamlined export facilitation, efficient logistics coordination, expert financial arrangements, and innovative advertising solutions. Elevate your business with TEC's holistic approach to propel your success in the global market.

Public - Private Partnership 

Collaborating seamlessly with Federal and Provincial Government institutions, we pave the way for impactful ventures through robust public-private partnerships.

Global SME Facilitation

TEC extends its reach internationally, engaging with national and global SME facilitation institutions to broaden horizons and foster cross-border collaborations.

Influential Policy Presentations

TEC takes the stage at relevant committees within policy-making platforms, advocating for the growth of Pharma and Food SME value chains in the public policy arena.

Strategic Round Table Conferences

At renowned public policy platforms, TEC orchestrates insightful round table conferences, bringing stakeholders together with relevant departments for collaborative dialogue and innovation.

Board of Investment (BOI) Facilitationg 

Elevate your brand presence with our tailored advertising solutions, enhancing your visibility in the competitive export and marketing landscape.


BKIT (Bank, Knowledge, ICT/IT, Training) at TEC stands at the forefront of transforming the Pharma and Food SME value chain. In the financial realm, we forge strategic alliances with key players to create a sustainable ecosystem. Collaborating with Academia, R&D Institutes, and BDSPs, our Knowledge pillar ensures a comprehensive approach to professional inputs. The ICT/IT pillar drives capacity building for graduates to organizing local IT work. And, our "Industrial Workers Training Ladder" under the Training pillar bridges academia-industry gaps, providing hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge. BKIT is IPO - Pakistan registered.


Engaging with key players in the finance sector to create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem within the Pharma and Food SME value chain.


TEC focuses on IT graduates' capacity building, organizing local IT work, establishing Knowledge Value Chain - Digitalization.


Joining hand with Academia, R&D Institutes, and BDSP (Business development Service Providers) for professional inputs 

Training Ladder

"Industrial Workers Training Ladder," bridges the academia-industry gaps by providing hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge.


Best Practice Integration

Introducing world best practices


Embracing Digital Transformation for enhanced agility.

Energy-Efficient Operations

Implementing strategies for sustainable energy use.

Strategic Planning

Formulating forward-thinking business strategies.

Cost Reduction Strategies

Implementing effective measures for cost efficiency.

Collaborative Platforms

Fostering collaboration across the value chain.

Scalability Planning

Strategizing for seamless growth opportunities.

Process Optimisation

Streamlining processes for maximum efficiency.

Supply Chain Management 

Managing the supply chain with precision.

Data Analytics

Leveraging analytics for informed decision-making.

Tailored Solutions

Customizing solutions to meet unique challenges.

Regulatory Compliance Assurance

Ensuring adherence to industry regulations.

Benchmarking Excellence

Setting industry standards for continuous improvement.

Productivity Audit

Assessing and optimizing production efficiency.

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