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Party A: Technology Exchange and Coordination (Pvt.) Ltd


Address: Plot # 6, 7 Sunder Industrial Estate, Lahore, Pakistan, and Postal Address: 63 A, Nisar Road, Lahore hereinafter referred to as 1st Party (TEC).


Party B:  Equipment manufacturers -------------------------------------



Party C:  Services and technology companies


Outline of Joint Venture arrangements


Three parties will collaborate to set up the following facilities:


A. Setting up BKIT; (Services platform) - (Banks/investment companies rep office, Knowledge shop, ICT/IT, Training) for providing the following services to the G20 countries, local, expatriates, and global entrepreneurs under one roof.


  1. Banking/investment companies, having G20 countries  financial institutions services desk or liaison offices;


   2. Knowledge shop - will provide:

  1. R&D facilities, identification of the new investment opportunities; in particular win-win projects, where Pakistan has agro, mineral raw materials, and G20 countries market needs the products.

  2. Existing SME, industry 5 level linkages with G20 countries.  

  3. Conducting studies and the mutually agreed upon services required by local and G20 countries entrepreneurs.

  4. Facilitating in academia applied side development.

  5. Developing Youth – SME – G20 countries  triangle for 5 level linkages


   3. ICT/IT   will be covering:     

  1. Introducing ICT/IT to the SME.

  2. Developing business cyber links between Pakistan & G20 countries by developing,,, and linking it up with G20 countries search engines.

  3. Developing an eCommerce portal.


4. Technical Training.  Arranging technical training to meet the G20 countries and local entrepreneurs’ requirements.


The focus is 10 potential sectors; Food processing, Chemicals, Pharma, Engineering, Textile, Leather, Energy, construction, Logistics, Services


B. G20 countries  0 KM Platform – Trade House

  1. Displaying G20 countries equipment at Lahore, for 10 potential sectors for effective marketing, easy cash transaction, after-sale services.

  2. Setting up buying a house for G20 countries companies to ensure quality, delivery, etc. contract requirements


A two-story building (12,000 Sq.ft) already exists for setting up Industry Resource Center (BKIT + Trade House) and can be further extended.


And whereas the parties will collaborate as joint venture partners for the setting up and operation of G20 countries  O KM Platform (BKIT + Trade House)  


C. Three parties will be co-partners of the said projects and will jointly prepare plans and implement them.

  1. Three parties will be co-partners and will jointly prepare plans for setting up G20 countries  O KM Platform.

  2. Will jointly mobilize funds for the construction of G20 countries  O KM Platform. Will jointly appoint a managerial body for supervision of construction work and operation of  G20 countries  O KM platform (BKIT + trade House).


The G20 countries   0 KM platform (BKIT + Trade house) is to work for public and private sector projects & deepening Pak– G20 countries' economic cooperation.


D. Three parties will fully display their individual strengths to make the projects a great success:


Party A has the following strengths:

  1.  Have a track record of setting up greenfield projects, in particular  Rs. Billion plus trend-setting 3 projects: Soda Ash, Ethanol plant, H2O2 from project identification till boiler firing and considered the highest performance industrial consultancy in the country, 


  1.  SME up-gradation and global integration. In particular citrus sector project for exports to the EU. Five SME facilitation Knowledge products registered with IPO Pakistan


  1.  Public-private partnership arrangements with provincial and federal Govts.


  1.  73,000 Sq.ft land with 12,000 Sq.ft covered area at the best industrial estate at Sundar and 32000 Sq.ft commercial land at defense road, Lahore.  


  1. Marketing strength:

  1. Lahore Chamber of commerce and industry executive committee member 2008-9 and Founding Chairman of Pak –  ASEAN economic relations standing committees

  2. Govt. policy input

  3. Handling the Prime minister youth program internship program. In the 4th batch 1200 internees (University Graduates) July 2017- 2018


Party B/C have the following strengths:  


Three parties agree to sign a formal agreement after thorough consultation on the basis of this MoU.

Party A:  


Party B:


Party C:

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