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Expat and Professionals

Great opportunities for expatriates and professionals in Pakistan.

Keeping in view the Expatriates strengths such as networking in host countries and professional specializations, we are interested in joining hand for the following:


  1. Setting up services platform “Industry Resource Center” BKIT (Banks, Knowledge shop, ICT/IT, Training) under one roof for SME, mainly:

  1. Services for new projects in potential sectors, Chemicals, food processing, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and micro-hydro power projects

  2. Existing SME 5 level linkages; (Exports, joint ventures, Technology, Training, SME energy) in particular G20 countries


  1. Collective investment projects: (Public limited Co., like Sialkot Airport project)

  1. Investment in 50 to 300 MW hydropower projects with wheeling arrangements; for industrial estates or private sector. 

  2. Setting up expatriates industrial estate (SEZ) in collective:

  1. Land ownership by expats collectively – (As public limited company) 

  2. Joint venture with Chinese, G20 investment companies for infrastructure

  3. SEZ consisting of 4 parts; Real estate, Projects, renting out for plug-in, common facility

  4. 7 potential sectors; Food processing, Chemicals, Pharma, Engineering, Textile, Leather, Energy, construction, Logistics, Services


  1. Joint ventures with Chinese companies for exportable to G20 countries. It's a win-win for expatriates and Chinese partners, the Chinese side may take the responsibility of quality manufacturing and expatriate of linking up with market.


We have the track record, BKIT model registered with IPO Pakistan, and the physical infrastructure at Sundar Industrial Estate and Defense road. 




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