Knowledge Value Chain 
Concept Paper – KVC at 4 Pillar Model
We can make Pakistan a Manufacturing and Knowledge Hub by putting up KVC (Knowledge value chain) in the upcoming industrial parks at the 4 pillar model.


  1. Digitalization & Automation: 4.0. AI, IoT

  2. Applied Research: sector-specific R&D Institutes

  3. Basic Research: Academia

  4. Implementation of new technologies, non-shelf industries (Biotechnology, Chemical, food processing, etc.):

  • BDSP- (Business development service providers) Engineering + Finance + Marketing

  • Local manufactured machinery - nonstandard equipment designing  

  • Knowledge Shop consists of local R&D institutes, Academia, professionals, and Knowledge Corridor with China, G20 countries for local capacity building.

BKIT under one roof TEC
Knowledge shop TEC