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We offer the following services: 

  • Project Identification: local raw materials (30 - 50 years world demand)

  • Feasibility Study based on data from R&D institutes, industry, Machinery manufacturers and EPC contractors.

  • Equipment and Know-How Package: For setting up new industries, including: a. Detailed production line analysis to decide on local fabrication or importing. b. Central project control by forming a consortium of R&D institutes, equipment manufacturers, and construction companies.

  • Implementation Support: Supervision, coordination, training, market research, and JV partner exploration in China and G20 countries.


  • Corn/Maize-based 20 Bio Projects 

  • Sugarcane-based 25 Bio Projects 

  • Eco Industrial Park - SEZ

  • Pharma Sector:  Amino Acid, Crystalline Glucose, Dextrin, Enzymes, Ethanol etc.​​

  • Food Sector​: Fructose Syrup, Lactic Acid, Medical Starch, Modified Starch, Probiotics, Sorbitol, VitaminC, Xylitol etc. 

  • ​Feed sector: Amino Acid, Lysine, Corn Gluten Feed or Meal, Crystalline Glucose, Enzymes, Cellulase, Protease, Ethanol Edible Dry Yeast, , Corn Oil etc.​​

  • Packaging Sector: Poly Lactic Acid, Disposable Tableware.

  • Chemical Sector​: Ethanol, Medical Starch, Vitamin C, Furfural, Maltodextrin  etc.

  • Sugar Industry: Bagasses, Filter cake or Press Mud and Bagasses Ash.


  • Soda Ash: Olympia Chemicals - 1996 and Feasibility study for Engro Group - 2019

  • Ethanol: Premier Industrial Chemical  - 2004 and Maize based Ethanol study - 2021

  • Setting up SEZ

  • Citrus processing up-gradation. 

  • Govt. FTA & Economic strategy with China

  • CPEC -  Industrial Cooperation 


TEC Sites - Sundar Industrual Estate + Defense Road

Bank/Finance, Knowledge, IT, Training under one roof for setting up Maize, sugarcane-based 45 bio projects, and Biotechnology Eco Industrial Parks for Local, Expat, Global Investors.

ICT/IT Tower

The project aims back offices for IT/ICT work, shared offices for IT/ICT professionals, digitalization of industries, and capacity building for IT graduates. 

Opportunities for expats at defense road Lahore

Knowledge Mart

We can turn around Pakistan's economy by effective SME facilitation and transforming to exportable & integrating with emerging technologies - Bio, IT. Based on 30 years’ experience of setting up green field projects and upgrading existing SME at 4 pillars.


  1. Exports & marketing facilitation

  2. Public policy facilitation

  3. BKIT (Bank, Knowledge, IT/ICT, Training) under one roof for ease of doing business.

  4. Competitiveness 

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Knowledge Value Chain at 4 Pillar

setting up an ICT/IT Plaza at Defense Road for the Bio Knowledge Value Chain at 4 pillars (KVC) and an Industry Resource Centre (BKIT) at Sundar Industrial Estate Lahore, Pakistan. The project aims back offices for IT/ICT work, shared offices for IT/ICT professionals, digitalization of industries, and capacity building for IT graduates.

Futuristic Projects

Futuristic Projects: Pharma, Food, Chemical, Packaging, poultry, and environemntal sector
TEC logo_edited.jpg

Technology Exchange and Coordination (Pvt) Ltd. - TEC was established in 1992 by Engr. Siddiq-ur-Rehman Rana (China) Flt.Lt (Retd) to facilitate the investors in Setting up new industry and Business with China. Have set up 23 projects in particular Rs. Billion plus investment Soda ash, Ethanol, H2O2 projects & considered the highest performance industrial consultancy in the
country. Have introduced four-pillar approaches: Mainframe from China, High tech from G20, local fabrication, and Professionals role from feasibility till production.


TEC - Engineering Consultants specialize in​ Setting up new mega industrial projects, industrial zones, or SEZ from - Feasibility study till commercial production TEC also Specialize in Business with China – Trading; Directly from manufacturers in China, hybrid equipment by blending from G20, Transfer & adaptation of technology and upgrading existing industry, SMEs & Setting up new

We offer the following services: -
i. Project Identification – local raw materials: 30 - 50 years world demand
ii. Feasibility Study based on data from R&D institutes, Machinery manufacturers, and EPC contractors.
iii. Preparing the equipment and know-how package for setting up a new industry.


We manage the latest technology most economically by:
a. Production line section-wise analysis at the nut, bolt level for deciding local fabrication or importing from China, G20 countries
b. Keeping the central control of the project with investors.
c. Forming and managing the consortium of R&D institute, equipment manufacturer, a construction company in China for the project.


iv. Providing supervision/coordination during Implementation. Training, Market Research, and Studies. Exploring JV partner in China

Our focus:
i. Maize based 20 Bio projects industrial park, SEZ by attracting investment
ii. Sugarcane based 25 projects industrial park or SEZ
iii. Setting up “Industry Resource Centre” BKIT (Bank/Finance, Knowledge, ICT/IT, training) under one roof at plot 6 & 7 Sundar industrial estate.
iv. ICT/IT tower at Defense Road Lahore for “Knowledge value chain”

Tailored Industrial Engineering Solutions for Your Business from Project Identification to Successful Plant Operation - TEC


Chief Executive Officer:

Executive Director: 

Director of ICT/IT:


Whatsapp/ Wechat: 0092-300-8461297

Ph: 0092-423-6652997, 6650063 


Site offices:  

1. Plot # 6 & 7 Sundar Industrial Estate, Lahore

2. Defence Rd, Dream Avenue Lahore, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

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