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Industry Resource Center

TEC offers joining hands for Industry Resource Center (BKIT) - Banking, Knowledge, IT, Training, under one roof for ease of doing business. Along with space for Pilot Projects, Executive Offices, Training centers, Incubation center and Warehouses.

Business Potential at Our Prime Location for Industry Resource Center

TEC offers an Industry Resource Center at Sundar Industrial Estate (48,000 sq. ft), featuring Banking, Knowledge, IT, Training, and Bio Pilot Projects. The five-story facility includes financial institutions, RDI, universities, BDSP, SME IT, executive offices, training centers, and an incubation center, complemented by versatile open and covered areas. Additionally, TEC provides back offices, pilot projects, a special technology zone, an incubation center, and warehouses to support your business needs.

Why Choose Our Location?

📍 TEC - Industry Resource Center at Sundar Industrial Estate                📍 TEC - ICT/IT Tower Defense Road, Lahore 

1. Strategic Layout and Dimensions:

  • Plot Size: 80x280 ft. (22,400 sq. ft.) open area.

  • Building Dimensions: 80x120 ft. across 5 stories, totaling 48,000 sq. ft.

2. Versatile Open and Covered Areas:

  • 9000 sq. ft. Dedicated to BKIT: Combining banking, knowledge, IT, and training facilities under one roof.

  • Bio Pilot Projects: Additional land for bio pilot projects, assembly, and warehousing.

3. Industrial Powerhouse:

  • Major Industrial Areas Nearby: Sundar Industrial Estate (the best in the country), Punjab Small Industry Estate, and industries along Raiwind Road.

Comprehensive Facilities for Industry Resource Center:

  • Ground Floor: Financial institutions.

  • 1st Floor: Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI), Universities, Business Development Service Providers (BDSP).

  • 2nd Floor: IT/ICT – SME One Stop Shop.

  • 3rd Floor: Executive offices.

  • 4th Floor: Training centers.

  • 5th Floor: Incubation Centre.

Additional Benefits Offered by TEC at Plot 6 & 7, Sundar Industrial Estate:

  • Back Offices: Expand your operations with ample space for administrative functions.

  • Pilot Projects: Launch and test new initiatives in a supportive environment.

  • Special Technology Zone (STZ): Enjoy incentives and facilities tailored for tech enterprises.

  • Incubation Center: Nurture startups and innovative projects.

  • Warehouses: Optimize your supply chain with strategic storage solutions.

Collaboration for Industry Resource Center

Dear Financial, R&D, Universities, IT and Training Organizations

We offer joining hands for Industry Resource Center at Sundar Industrial Estate, plots 6 and 7, Lahore for setting up BKIT (Bank, Knowledge, IT, Training) under one roof for ease of doing business. Providing Digitisation in connection with IT/ICT tower at Defense road, Lahore with 8 universities in 5 KM radius.

We offer space for pilot projects, executive offices, incubation centre, warehouses and SME value chain. 

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