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Abstract - Lead Role of Academia in Economic Development

Introduction: Academia can play a pivotal role in meeting the economic challenges by facilitating existing SME at 5 levels, facilitating export lead industry in particular Maize, Sugarcane based 45 Bio Projects as per 30 to 50 years world demand and developing Knowledge Value Chain for local capacity building by benefiting China, G20 Countries.   


Achieving 7 to 9% GDP growth:

  1. (Youth – SME – China, G20) Triangle for 5 Level Linkages (Export, Joint Ventures, Technology, Training, Competitiveness) There are 5 Million SME and 5 Million unemployed educated youth. Each university for own alumni.

  2. Role in Setting up SEZ/EPZ in private sector like Sialkot Airport, (Maize, sugarcane-based 45 Bio projects along with knowledge value chain

  3. Taking Expat in Development Loop (5 level linkages with G20, Skills, setting up SEZ in collective SEZ like Sialkot Airport)

  4. Developing Knowledge Shop at Sundar & Knowledge Corridor with China, G20  for import substitution (US $ 8 to 10 Billion), Rural industrialization by benefiting SPARK, TOURCH, 863, etc. programs Developing Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Economy.


Implementation Vehicles: Self - Sustainable Public – Private Partnership

  1. Setting up “Industry Resource Center” BKIT (Bank/investment co, Knowledge shop – R&D /University, ICT/IT, Training) under one roof with China, G20 countries for 5 level linkages for ease of doing business.

  2. Biotechnology Centre of Excellence for setting up maize, sugarcane-based bio products clusters/SEZ in private sector & incubation centers.

  3. Knowledge value chain at 4 pillars; 4.0, AI, IoT (Digitalization), Applied research (R&D institutes, Basic research (Academia) Implementation (BDSP, Knowledge shop, Knowledge corridor, LMM)


Note: TEC has the track record, physical infrastructure, copyright; BKIT, Knowledge shop, registered with IPO Pakistan, PPP arrangements with federal/ provincial Govt.s, Expatriates’ package, youth internship program with IPC division (80, 300, 500, 1200 graduates).  It’s a matter of scaling up

End results:

  1. Creating jobs, SME expansion (94% of industry) import substitution, export led growth, economic activism 

  2. Academia, R&D Institutes, BDSP capacity building 

  3. Creating assignments for faculty, internship and job for students.   

Biotechnology Dragon of industrialization

Implementation by self-sustainable PPP  

Introduction: The major crops; Maize, Sugarcane, based export led 45 bio projects with local manufacturing of 60 to 80% equipment can make the difference. Since 2005 cotton production is halved the Maize production is doubled.


Way forward for Economic & Technological Sovereignty: Harmonizing local potential; Youth, SME, BDSP, Academia, engineering sector and knowledge corridor with China, G20 countries. Implementing by self-sustainable public-private partnership


TEC has developed maize, sugarcane based 45 bio projects keeping in view 30 to 50 years world demand along with Chinese, G20 R&D institutes. TEC offers to set up Biotechnology Centre of Excellence by covering the following:

  1. Industry Resource Centre- BKIT (Bank/Finance, Biotechnology/ Engineering, ICT/IT, Training) under one roof for ease of doing business.

  2. Knowledge Value Chain (KVC) at 4 pillar AI, IoT, for (Digitalization), applied research (RDI), basic research (Academia), implementing by BDSP (Business development service providers) & engineering sector

  3. Webinar for top 500 Industrialists, Expats for awareness & implementation


Our strengths30 years Track Record of setting up New Industry & Upgrading Existing. The 5 Knowledge Products registered with IPO; BKIT, KVC etc. Public-Private partnership with Federal/Punjab Govt. Physical infrastructure at Sundar estate.   


End results:

  1. Fast pace wide spread industrialization, job creation, exports

  2. Setting up biotechnology SEZ/STZ like Sialkot airport in private sector for materializing local, foreign & expats investment.

  3. Fully utilizing Youth, SME potential for expanding the industrial base

  4. Developing Academia–Industry–Govt. helix & knowledge corridor with China, G20 countries for local capacity building.

  5. Meeting existing industry needs by biotechnology solutions

  6. Strengthening economic and technological sovereignty


Vice Chancellor - Letter

Vice Chancellor, 

SUB: Lead role of academia in economic development Academia – Industry – Govt. helix for implementation 

Dear Sir, 


It will be a honor to present the way forward for meeting the current Economic Challenges. Abstract of the paper “Lead Role of Academia in Economic Development” is attached.  


The efforts will generate funds for University, Internship, Jobs, for students and positioning faculty, students inline with the Future of Industrialization in the country.  


Academia - TEC jointly developing Academia - Industry Govt. helix for "Industry Resource Centre" and inauguration at the seminar is proposed. University’s Bio, CS, Business school, Engineering, IR, etc. relevant department students & societies may develop entrepreneurship by arranging the event. 


Self-financed Seminar by inviting 400 Top Industrialists and the relevant Public, Private sector organizations. on the Future of Industrialization with the Motto: Pakistan Future in Industrialization, Youth Future in Entrepreneurship. Brief attached


TEC has developed Maize, Sugarcane based 45 bio projects Eco Industrial Park model along with Chinese, G20 country R&D institutes. As per R&D institutes, major crops based bio products are going to overtake the textile sector in 10 to 15 years.  


TEC works for setting up new industries & is considered the highest performance industrial consultancy in country. My daughters, the directors in the company,  Bimal Rehman biotech 7th semester, Taniya Rehman CS 3rd semester students can coordinate with top 400 industrialists. We have contact details. TEC Profile is attached.  


Looking forward to presenting in detail when convenient. 


Best Regards

Engr. Siddiq ur Rehman Rana (China) 

Flt. Lt (Retd) : 0300-8461297       


VC Letter

Lead Role of Academia in Economic Development  

Academia – Industry – Govt. Helix – for Implementation    

Self-Financed Seminar for Launching IRC – BKIT 


  1. Formation of IRC-BKIT (Bank/investment Co., Knowledge shop-R&D/University, ICT/IT & Training) under one roof for ease of doing business. Engaging with G20 countries & synergizing all the departments 

  2. Developing Academia –Industry– Govt. helix; with federal, provincial Govt. 

  3. Reaching top 400 Industries & Expats for presenting 45 Maize, Sugarcane based bio projects Eco Industrial Park. The Future of Industrialization.

  4. Youth–SME–G20 Triangle for 5 level links (Exports, Joint Ventures, Technology, Training, Competitiveness) for Alumni Employment. 


Mailing list for joint Seminar/Webinar: 

  1. Reaching Top 400 Industrialists PBC (90) + OICCI (150) + Sundar (50) Cement + Sugar + Textile + Chemicals (110)

  2. Reaching expats organizations in UK, USA etc. countries for setting up professional’s forum, Eco Industrial Park in private sector like Sialkot Airport 

  3. Networking BKIT related organizations: 

  • Banks: Karandaz + DFID + SBP – ED + MCB + HBL + BOP + (30)

  • Knowledge shop: BDSP: ICAP, MAP, Architects, all bio                                          

  • ICT/IT: (One stop shop) Telecom + Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Alibaba

  • Training:  NAVTTC  

  4. Helix with related organizations Fed, Punjab Govt. SMEDA, PIEDMC, PARB, PARC, MOST, HEC,              MOIP, MOST, Minfal                                                

  5. Entrepreneurship: venture capital Co. + Pak launch etc.  

  6. International: China, G20 country honorary consul general 


Implementation: Faculty, student Association Core Team + Event Arrangement Team 

  1. Generating funds for the event, by developing entrepreneurship –  offering stalls to the mailing list etc. initiatives. 

  2. MOU Signing: Helix with federal, provincial Govt, Dept. + MOU With BKIT related organizations  + projects with industrialists & expats 


End results: 

  1. Creating jobs, Internship, Assignments for students & faculty 

  2. Academia, R&D Institutes, BDSP capacity building by benefiting G20

  3. Generating funds for university 


Academia – Industry Linkages Self-Sustainable 4 - Pronged Strategy  to Turn around the Economy

Keeping in view the economic situation, state of Academia – Industry Linkages, upcoming Technologies; (Bio, IT) and the future of youth 4 Pronged Strategy is proposed. Implementation by Self-Sustainable Seminars by inviting Industry, Investors.   

Academia – industry linkages 4 pronged strategy:

  • Existing industry upgradation: Bio, IT solutions & Youth – SME – G20 triangle for 5 level linkages (Exports, JV, Technology, Training, Competitive)    

  • Academia being head not the tail of industrialization, Export lead industry based on local raw materials, keeping in view 30 to 50 years world demand. Mazie, sugarcane based 48 bio projects, eco industrial park.

  • Bio Knowledge value chain at 4 pillars; 4.0, AI, IoT (Digitalization), R&D  (Applied Research), Academia (Basic Research) & Implementation by BDSP (Business development service providers) like TEC (Pvt.) Ltd. Bio knowledge shop & knowledge corridor with China, G20 countries for  capacity building.

  • Developing entrepreneurship among student & faculty arranging Self-financed seminar by inviting top 400 industrialists, BKIT relevant organisations. Deliverable for industry & setting up “Industry Resource Centre” BKIT     

Motto for Seminar:  "Pakistan Future in Bio, IT, Youth future in Entrepreneurship"

TEC invite universities, faculty and students lets join hand to develop lead role of academia in economic activism by setting up “Industry Resource Centre”.


4 pronge
Govt Helix

Benefits for academia

Industry Resource Centre – (Academia – Industry – Govt.) Helix

  1. Academia – Industry – Govt. Helix: University – TEC – PIEDMC, SMEDA, Helix


  • At 1st step - Academia – TEC MOU for Academia - Industry Linkages 4 Pronged Strategy

  • At 2nd step -  MOU with Punjab, Federal Relevant Departments

  • Launching seminar after completing home work


  2. Purpose: Implementing 4 Pronged Strategy


  3. Benefits for: Universities, CPPG, Public policy, Biotech, IT Dept.

  • Academia initiative will boost its image in the SME, corporate sector, Expats, G20 countries and will result in more grants.

  • It will enhance University ranking

  • Biotech, IT, Public policy departments will be getting assignments from corporate sector, G20 countries, expats associations

  • Employment incentive to the graduates

  • Top 10 sectors of Industry need Research, Knowledge, Academia Inputs, and Pilot Study at Sundar Industrial Estate.

  4. How will it benefit the students and faculty?

  • Students will be getting, Internship, Jobs

  • Faculty will be getting assignments

  • Faculty & student will be positioned for futuristic Bio, IT sectors

  • Developing entrepreneurship among students, faculty

  5. Execution Plan:

  • Proactive Department pivotal role in the project by involving, Biotech, CS, Business students, societies etc.

  • Self-financed seminar for its launching to develop entrepreneurship

  • Govt officials – Industry, Agriculture, overseas Pakistanis, MOST,

  • G 20 countries relevant organizations


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